Garden City Public Library will serve the local community as a resource of traditional and evolving library services.   

Library Board Election

Congratulations to our newly elected Library Board members!

The following candidates were elected to the Garden City Library Board on November 5, 2013: Nancy Bailey, Drew McMechan, Mary Jane Schildberg, Nancy Schultz-Speck, Janet Smith, and W. Paul Werhane.



WINTER HOURS (Labor Day -- Memorial Day)

10:00a to 9:00p  Monday -- Thursday
10:00a to 4:00p  Saturday
Closed Fridays, Sundays, and Holidays

SUMMER HOURS (Memorial Day -- Labor Day)

10:00a to 9:00p  Monday -- Thursday
10:00a to 4:00p  Friday
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays

Our Book Drop is always open and is located by the bike rack on the Balmoral side of the building.

Holiday Closings

For the weeks of Christmas and New Year's, the Library will be open normal hours MONDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY.  The library will be CLOSED Christmas Eve (Tuesday, Dec. 24), Christmas Day (Wednesday, Dec. 25), New Year's Eve (Tuesday, Dec 31), and New Year's Day (Wednesday, Jan. 1).  

Have a safe and happy holiday!   


31735 Maplewood St.
Garden City, MI 48135

The library is located in the Garden City Community Center west of Merriman Rd. and north of Ford Rd. The entrance to the library is located off Balmoral St., one block south of Maplewood St.

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History of the Garden City Public Library

Late in 1922, the twelfth library center of the Wayne County Library was established by Miss Dawson, this was Mrs. Lolita Fyan, later State Librarian, and Miss Tremaine at Perrinsville, one half mile north of Warren Avenue near Perrinsville Road. At the home of Mrs. Henry Kubic, a collection of about 200 books were shelved in a corner of the living room. Mrs. Kubic and her mother took care of them and loaned them to the people of the community, for which service she received $2.50 a month. The supervisors, Miss Winning and Miss GcGlannon had signs placed at the crossroads to advertise the location and at “the store”, and pamphlets were distributed in the Perrinsville and Scotch Settlement Schools. Adult fiction and juvenile books were popular and the year 1924, 1925, and 1926 showed annual circulations of 1011, 1148, and 1038.

Then in 1927 it became apparent that the population of the subdivision around the intersection of Middlebelt and Ford Roads, about four miles south, seemed to be growing while Perrinsville’s was dropped off. So, on October 3, 1927, the library was moved from Perrinsville to Garden City which was the name of the new settlement. The stonerocks had a general store on the north side of Ford Road, with a small room built on the side which served as the library room. Curtains were put at the windows, and a low children’s bench bought, and the room was made quite attractive. The entire Stonerock family helped, and the first year 2,971 books were distributed.

The library was established there the same year Garden City was incorporated as a village, with an estimated population of 900. Because it was not too far from work and because they liked the idea of “a garden with every home” more men were moving their families out to Garden City each year. The 1930 census showed 2,081 population. The registration at the library has 592 and it was officially made a branch. It has outgrown its quarters in Stonerock’s store and had been moved to a new building on Middlebelt Road donated by Mr. Arnold Folker, mayor. The village agreed to furnish the heat and light, and the County Library increased the number of books to 1685. Mrs. Dorothy Seymour was in charge and later Miss Antoinette Showers helped her. 12,342 books were circulated in the year 1929-1930.

The library continued its service (3:30 – 8:00 p.m.) in this little white building until 1932 when changes in the village administration caused Mr. Folker to charge rent and the village leased a building in the Penrod Block on Ford Road. Miss Campbell was in charge of the branch then, with Louise Bock Johnson assisting her. They helped to keep Garden City supplied with good reading material during the depression years, which years brought a new high circulation figure of 28,751 books in 1933.

In about 1935, the book collection was moved again to a separate building facing Middlebelt (formerly the Garden City Inn). There was room here to more comfortably accommodate the library needs of a steadily growing community. Miss Campbell returned to the Wayne Library and Hazel Krueger was appointed with Phyllis Shook assisting.

The “after depression” years began a drop in the circulation figures, which in 1937, began gradually to mount again. Children’s Hour was held on Saturdays with Miss Krueger or Miss Ma ben (Patricia Maben who took Miss Shook’s place) reading or telling stories.

In 1937, Thelma Lentz took Miss Maben’s place and later Jean Hosback was added for part-time help. During the winter of 1938 and 1939, the Women’s Club of Garden City held their meetings in the library after closing hours. By 1940, the census figures showed that Garden City had a population figure of 4,097, approximately double the 1930 figure. The library had 1,546 registered borrowers, 3,357 books, and an annual circulation of 28,708.

Library Board

The Garden City Public Public Library is governed by a six member library board. The Library Board's main goal is to provide the best possible library service to the citizens of the community.

The Library Board is authorized to:

  • Adopt bylaws and rules for the board’s governance;
  • Control the expenditure of all funds credited to the library fund;
  • Appoint, supervise, evaluate, discipline or remove a director;
  • Approve an annual library budget; and
  • Adopt policies and regulations regarding use of the library.

Current Board

The Library Board mebers were elected by the voters in Garden City, Michigan on November 5, 2013, and were sworn-in by the City Clerk on November 12, 2013.

Name Term Expires
Andrew McMechan 2015
Paul Werhane 2015
Nancy A. Schultz-Speck    2017
Janet Smith 2017
Nancy Bailey 2019
Mary Jane Schildberg 2019
First elected Library Board.


Board Meetings

Library Board Meeting are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, except November, at 7:00 PM at the Garden City Public Library (31735 Maplewood Road, Garden City, Michigan).  The November meeting will be on the second Wednesday, because Veterans' Day falls on a Tuesday in 2014.

2013 Meetings
December 10
2014 Meetings
January 14 July 8
February 11 August 12
March 11 September 9
April 8 October 14
May 13 November 12 (Wed)
June 10 December 9

Latest Meeting Minutes

Library Statistics

In 2012, more than 49,000 items circulated from the Library.

Collections totaled 58,419 in 2012.
From July 2011 through June 2012, more than 18,700 people entered the Library for borrowing materials, programming, computer use, and other activities.