Strategic Plan Meeting

Join us this Saturday as we finalize the Garden City Public Library's Strategic Plan.  The Library Board has called for a Special Board meeting to discuss and (hopefully) approve the plan.  Public input is always welcomed and encouraged.  The meeting starts at 11am in the Director's Office of the Library.  Please remember to enter the building from the Balmoral Street entrance, as all other doors are locked on Saturdays.

Questions?  Call the Library at 734-793-1830

A copy of the draft Plan can be viewed or printed here: Draft Plan

Friends of the Library Used Book Sale

Book Sale

The Friends of the Garden City Library is having a used book sale from April 7-10 at the Garden City Public Library (31735 Maplewood St.) and a separate used book sale from April 7-9 at Schoolcraft College Garden City Campus (1751 Radcliff).

The dates and times are as follows for the used book sale at the Garden City Public Library:

Monday, April 7 & Tuesday, April 8 from 9am-8pm

Monday & Tuesday prices range from $0.25 to $1

Wednesday, April 9 & Thursday, April 10 from 9am-8pm

Wednesday & Thursday are books by the bag for $5

The dates and times are as follows for the used book sale at Schoolcraft College Campus:

Monday, April 7 & Tuesday, April 8 from 9am-8pm

Monday & Tuesday prices range from $0.25 to $1

Wednesday, April 9 from 9am-6pm

Wednesday prices are books by the bag for $5

ExpressSOS Organ Donor

At Your Local Library:  A Gateway to Hope

Become an Organ Donor. The next time you visit your local library, take a moment to logon to a public access computer and visit, the online Secretary of State, where you can register as an organ donor in a manner of minutes.  That simple act offers hope to more than 3,200 Michigan residents who are currently waiting for the gift of life.  Imagine being unable to take a breath, walk across the room or see your child’s face.  It takes just one donor to save the lives of up to eight people and enhance the lives of 50.  Want  inspiration?  Click here for some powerful Michigan stories.

Michigan Activity Pass Has Arrived!

MAPThe “Michigan Activity Pass presented by The Library Network” program is a partnership between Michigan’s nearly 400 public libraries and 60 arts and cultural organizations. The program is designed to enhance the learning experience for people of all ages through books and other library materials, and to provide reduced cost or complimentary access to arts and cultural organizations across the state of
Michigan, from Monroe to Mackinaw City to Marquette, and all points in between. 
The Garden City Public Library is thrilled to be able to offer this exciting opportunity to our residents. With school coming to a close rapidly, having the chance to explore Michigan this summer is very exciting.


Book Club

Book Club sponsored by the Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Garden City Library sponsor a Book Club which meets every other month on the third Thursday at 3:00 pm. Participation is limited to the first 12 people who register for each meeting.The upcoming schedule is:

Someone Like Me. January 16th: Someone Like Me by John W. Quin

As a child,John Quinn had a dream of a naval career despite his affliction with cerebral palsy. After failing the physical exam, he underwent painful self applied physical therapy for one year then successfully passed a second exam. He kept his cerebral palsy a secret from the record keepers and medical authorities for 20 years. He had a distinguished and highly decorated career despite the pain he endured to appear normal. He served on board destroyers, a battleship, two aircraft carriers and functioned as an administrator for a Seal unit. The outside world also impacted on him: he was challenged by alcoholism and excessive grief from the suicide of a brother. With help,John Quinn triumphed over both as he did with the painful cerebral palsy.