The Garden City Library Board would like to thank the following people who planted flowers at the Maplewood Center on May 23:  Cheryl Guck, Linda Noble, and Darlene Reeser of the Garden City Garden Club; Nancy Bailey, Janet Smith, and Paul Werhane of the Garden City Library Board, Paul Bailey and Gail Hodge from the Friends of the Garden City Library, plus Pat Collins and Allan Bishop, Garden City residents.  Within two hours these volunteers planted and watered many flats of annuals, finishing just before a summer shower began.

All the flowers were purchased at Barson's Greenhouse on Merriman Road.  Mrs. Barson gave us a nice discount because the flowers were to beautify the area the Garden City Public Library side of the Maplewood Building.  Thank you, Mrs. Barson.

And special recognition is extended to Nancy Bailey, who for two years running has led and coordinated this beautification effort!  



The library supports recycling, and to help out we offer three ways for the community to recycle when they visit the library and Maplewood Center.


Kroger Community Rewards

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Adopt a Magazine

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